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British Labrador retriever 

British or American Labradors? Here we chose British/American cross and this is why!... They are smaller here at Hollywood kennels and know how to get ready for hunting! Our Kota is a smaller Amerian/British Labrador retriever that weighs 52 lbs fully grown and is high energy in the field. Not much of a lazy Labrador. She has had the formal training of Bird and gun class, Fast start, obedience, force fetching and advanced pheasants and duck work. We AKC register, OFA Certified Kota and will do continued testings. British Labradors are shorter, usually slimmer. Females typically run 45-60 lbs and Males typically run 50-75 lbs. Height: 20-24 inchesColors; Black, Yellow, Fox Red. Temperament is energetic, patient and intelligent which makes this breed easy to train! Generally have a calm nature about them, but are strong driven dogs in the field. Kota rein has an incredible Pedigree with proven lines of generational hunters not only in hunt testing but in field trials as well. For the last 24 years the American Kennel Club has ruled the roost as the most popular breed! 

Kota Rein