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Hey, I'm Leah 

-A day in training never feels like work to me! 

-Our cattle are great distractions in obedience. 

 Starting Hollywood Kennels has been a slow growing process. I studied under 3 training kennels, payed close attention and kept in good communication with all. The name was given to me as a suggestion by one of my biggest influences in life. Dave & Holly From Black Hills Gun dogs. Dave has guided me, been patient with me and we have laughed endless of hours while training over the years. 

They are my greatest support. I am grateful for the amazing name of Hollywood Kennels Dave!

Thank you for all the Kennels, Vets and breeders... You all have given me 20+ years to grow.

Of course Thank you to my amazing Husband Derek, your daily encouragement has taught me my patience in life and you watch my heart be filled with love for animals my whole life and said "lets do this" when I said this is what I truly wanted. 

I have an army of support from my family, friends and trainers.

I first started learning about the canine world on our small hobby farm west of Minneapolis, MN where we had horse, goats, numbers of small breed animals etc. I would spend countless of hours resting next to a whelping box and administering any medications mommy dog would need necessary with a vets help. My mom was a responsible breeder of Corgi's for 25+ years and is now my breeding partner in Hollywood kennels. She provides the stud. I breed one small Corgi and One British Labrador. I maintain AKC, OFA certified and have a vet/vet technicians on call at all times. 

I train ONE dog at a time since I run a busy household with two children, cattle, pigs, 4 of our own dogs and much more! 

I like the one on one attention I can provide in the training process and LOVE the fact that the dog can grow successfully in real situations in my own home. I do a 3 week training process which allows them to learn on leash contact training and grow into off leash e-collar work. We use Sport dog E-collars. I get to do one one lessons with the clients and its a great way to build success for the clients and there homes. I start on the farm (it's at an off location) in an open field to take away all distractions.

I also get to babysit many of fur babies I play and often do board and training as well. All our friends get bathed and sometimes groomed before returning home since we go on lots of adventures! We have two children in our home that are elementary and middle school aged and have been present often for training fun! I have sometimes done in home lessons, but we've found more success with taking the dog out of it's natural element and placing him/her in new situations daily that challenge and stretch their minds at age 6-9 months.

In the fall I often assist with hunting training and may seem busier then normal.   

We adore Animals and they are a huge part of our Life here at Hollywood kennels! 

There's No Place like Home

I cuddle all 4 of my dogs. I find it important to build there confidence every day and make them feel welcome into my space and their home on command. It's a controlled, clean environment we both can enjoy for my family, my dogs and our visitors. 

We are adventurous! We travel often and learn new things.